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Get to Know our Team

"Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with right people."

Our Team: Our Team
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Owner / Premium Stylist

Gina has been in the industry for over 25 years.  She loves giving precision haircuts, producing multidimensional color, and perfecting her blowouts.  Gina believes that your personal health and wellness is the key to true beauty, therefore she also incorporates this in her work behind the chair.  She has an incredible sense of attunement to deliver impeccable haircuts and exquisite styles.  Gina devotes her and time and energy into knowing exactly how you want to see yourself, which is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.  Along with her friendly & affectionate personality, Gina will leave you feeling nothing but beautiful on both the inside and out. 

*Gina received her certification in clinical nutrition in 2022 and has recently expanded her knowledge in the digestive health space.  Her experience with one-on-one work behind the chair will be a huge support with helping people on their health and wellness journey outside of the salon.  You can follow her on Instagram @healthygraingirl to learn more.

Gina is married and has three very active boys at home and loves to spend time with her family.  She also is passionate about holistic living and loves to read.  Gina believes in the power of abundance.  The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.




Owner /  Master Manicurist

Kristen has had a love of nails her whole life.  She has been practicing her craft for over 20 years and shows no signs of stopping.  Her love of art and attention to detail exposes itself through her work.  Kristen's ability to know "exactly what you're looking for" is undeniable.  Her dedication to her craft is evident in every stroke, reflecting a commitment to excellence that sets her apart in the industry. Kristen treats you like family, not only with her engaging conversation, but her unbelievable memory to pick up right where you left off at your last visit.  She makes you feel seen, heard, and most of all, cared for in every way.  You will not be disappointed after a visit with Kristen.

Kristen is married with a sweet, spirited daughter who is the light of her life.  She enjoys trips to the beach and loves to show off her style with a great pair of heels.  Kristen never starts her day without a good cup of Starbucks!



Master Stylist / Senior Manicurist

Jennifer has been a hair stylist since 2003 when she decided to make a career change.  Loyal and devoted, she has been with Saffire Salon since they opened, and has honed her skills for perfecting the best client experience.  Her love of hair and nails has taken her career to insurmountable levels.  To her, she feels very fortunate to have found her purpose and passion.   

Jennifer's flawless look and impeccable style are her trademarks.  She cherishes the time spent with her three children and enjoys cross-stitching, cooking new recipes, and seeing the beauty in everything.




Master Stylist

With over 30 years of experience, Joy has a plethora of knowledge in the beauty industry.  Specializing in short hair, long hair, perms, and keratin smoothing treatments,  her ever-expanding talent, and vivacious personality, are what separates her from the pack. Her infectious spirit will leave you feeling like you've known her forever.  Joy offers her undivided attention to each client that sits in her chair, and delivers nothing but striking results.

Joy has a love of art, and paints portraits for family and friends in her spare time.  She also enjoys whipping up potions in her home apothecary.  Joy believes that a combination of a little love, lots of laughs, and hanging with the girls is life's perfect medicine.




Senior Stylist

Paige has had an interest in all things creative since she was a little girl.  She came to Saffire Salon with a unique style and budding talent.  After receiving her license, she continuously works hard to expand her knowledge in this ever-changing industry. Specializing in vivid colors and hand-tied extensions, she devotes every second of her time to ensure an unforgettable experience. Paige's attention to detail, precision color placement, and ever-popular head massage will have you dreaming about your next appointment with her.  Paige says that she loves making people feel good about themselves, and she also believes that motivation and dedication is the key to her success. 

Paige enjoys going out with friends and finding creative things to do at home.  She is an avid vegetarian and on summer weekends, she loves taking trips to her family's beach house.


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Master Manicurist

With over three decades of mastery in the art of the manicure, Natalie brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to our salon.  Leaving behind the monotony of her previous salon, Natalie joined us with a zest for reinvention and a commitment to excellence. Natalie is not just a manicurist... she is an artist wielding her tools with the finesse of a seasoned painter. Her creativity knows no bounds, transforming nails into miniature canvases where every stroke tells a unique story. With an eye for detail and a passion for perfection, she turns every nail appointment into a magical experience.  Beyond her artistic prowess, Natalie is a pillar of strength both in and out of the salon. Her resilience and dedication have been the driving force behind her successful career. Whether she's crafting intricate designs or offering support to her colleagues, Natalie exudes a strength that inspires those around her.

When Natalie is not wielding her skills in the salon, you'll find her in the kitchen whipping up delicious meals at home, reading a good book, or mastering her love for video games.




Master Manicurist

As a seasoned manicurist with almost 29 years of expertise, Melissa has an unwavering passion for the art of nails.  Specializing in gel manicures, Melissa is a maestro of precision and style, creating vibrant and enduring works of art on every nail she touches. However, it's in the realm of pedicures that her heart truly sings. With meticulous care and a gentle touch, she turns every pedicure into a pampering experience, leaving clients not just satisfied but utterly enchanted.  Beyond the salon chair, Melissa finds joy in cultivating meaningful connections with her clients. For her, it's not just about creating beautiful nails... it's about fostering relationships and making every visit unforgettable. Her genuine warmth and attentiveness create a sanctuary where clients feel not only cared for but truly understood.

Outside of her nail haven, Melissa has a passion for lifting weights and, when feeling motivated, running. These ventures not only showcase her dedication to personal well-being but also embody the same strength and endurance she brings to her work in the salon.

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