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Our Story

Two Sisters... One Dream

Growing up with a love of hair and nails, sisters, Gina and Kristen, dreamed of opening up their own salon one day.  With evolving talent, strong dedication, and a desire to advance their craft, they set off on an adventure that would later be known as Saffire Salon. 

Kristen came into this journey with smart and secure business sense.  She takes care of all things behind the scenes to help make Saffire Salon thrive on a daily basis.  Kristen's personal and professional growth over the years has proved her to be one of the strongest women you will ever meet.  Don't be fooled by her tough exterior though.  Kristen has a heart of gold and will go above and beyond for anyone in her life.  She is the salon's true voice for all of it's success.

Gina went into this venture with an open mind and open heart for all things creative.  With her ever evolving nature, Saffire Salon has gone through many changes throughout the years.  As the future approaches, Gina's creative juices have once again risen to the surface.  She sees the future of the salon going in an amazing direction and won't stop until the dream becomes a reality.  As Gina's personal and professional life continue to grow, her biggest goal is to revamp the salon with a fresh organic look, bringing in elements of nature.  With her passion and drive, the future success of Saffire Salon is always on her mind.  Stay tuned for what's in store as the pages unfold.

Both sisters bring unique qualities to the table, that when united together, are the perfect storm for success. They have created a down-to-earth atmosphere where their warm and friendly team of stylists go above and beyond for their guests.  They couldn't be prouder of what they have accomplished and are excited about the years to come.

Gina and Kristen, along with their team, strive to provide their guests with the highest quality of services so each guest leaves feeling like the best version of themselves.

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